1. How to Integrate Zoom:

  1. Go to and Login/Signup to Dashboard
  2. Kennected Calendar Login
  3. Now From the Side Navigation Click on Integration
  4. Kennected Calendar Integrations Tab
  5. Once on the Integrations Page select the Zoom Option
  6. Now click on the Connect Zoom button
  7. Kennected Calendar Zoom Integration
  8. You will Now be redirected to Request Access Page, Authorize the permissions for Integrating Zoom
  9. Zoom Integration Permission
  10. Once you have authorized you will be redirected backt to the Zoom Integration Page and you will be ready to use the authorized Zoom Services

2. Zoom Usage:

  1. Automatically create Zoom meetings at the time an event is scheduled.
  2. Zoom Integration Usage

3. How to Disintegrate Zoom:

  1. Sign into Zoom .
  2. Select Manage located at the top right hand corner
  3. Zoom Marketplace Manage
  4. On the left hand column, select Installed Apps and next to the Kennected Calendar icon, select Uninstall
  5. Zoom Marketplace Installed Apps
  6. A dialogue box will appear. You may leave the Grant App developer consent to retain data box checked. Whether or not you check the box, Kennected Calendar will retain your Zoom content based on your Kennected Calendar contract and retention policies. Select Uninstall
  7. Zoom Marketplace Uninstall App
  8. The Zoom integration will now be uninstalled.

4. How to Use Kennected Calendar:

  1. Kennected Calendar is a meeting scheduling application featuring integration with Google Calendar and Zoom meetings. Clients of the user can easily book a meeting/schedule an appointment with the user using Kennected Calendar.To check the application, use the test credentials to Login or create your own account here .
  2. Once logged or created an account with Kennected Calendar, set your profile. and Now move forward to the integration tab and try out integration with Google Calendar for syncing your scheduled meetings into your Google Calendar and Zoom for creating zoom meetings.
  3. Now, navigate yourself to Meetings and create a meeting based on requirement/client base for the people to schedule meetings with you.The user is blessed with various parameters for customizing his/her meeting ranging from Availability, Range, Integration, Email Templates, Scheduling the Slots, etc.
  4. Once you have created the meeting copy the meeting link and open that in a new tab to schedule the application. Your clients can also select any one of your listed meetings from your assigned Profile URL customized with Kennected Calendar.
  5. To schedule a meeting, your clients must have to select their timezone and head towards their desired meeting slot they want to schedule an appointment(upon the availability of the user).
  6. Once the user has selected a slot, they would be asked some basic questionnaire decided by the user like name, email, attendees name & email or any custom questions.
  7. On submitting the meeting, the user's meeting would be finally booked and would reflect in his/her Integrated Google Calendar and Zoom meetings (Only if the user have Integrated the services from Kennected Calendar).

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